New Shpuds

When I was trying to trench up the early potatoes we planted in (as per tradition) St Patrick’s week, these little beauties popped up out of the ground. To be honest
I can’t remember which row is which, so we’ll have to wait until we dig up some more to properly ID them.



Living next door to Alyssum

We sowed a lot of different seeds earlier in the year, when we were only hoping the project would take off. One of these was two trays of Alyssum.

I had forgotten about it almost until little flowers started on it in the tunnel over the weekend. Bridget planted some outside today and they look really dainty up close. Hopefully they will take advantage of being given a “second glance” and fill out over the next few weeks and beautify our borders.


Green shoots

We’ve got some plants in at last. We’ve really noticed the growth in the seedlings we put in the tunnel over the weekend, but now that we have got some plants in, we’ll hopefully see it in full effect.

Everybody got out this afternoon to plant some peas outside. We had started them in little plastic cups and they had germinated nicely outside. They got a few days in the tunnel over the weekend. While they are not a very tall variety we put up a little net to give them some support nonetheless.

Tomorrow might be time to tackle the huge number of beans we have sprouted inside and get them outside and working for their supper!


Spring has come to cheer us
And warm the cockles of our hearts again.
Spring has come to cheer us 
And it seems never more to part
And then
It flies off for another year
Not returning till Winters end
O Spring stay with us as long 
As you can
And warm the cockles of our hearts

Breaking Ground

So on Thursday we broke the eggs to make the omelette. Thanks to Cathal (Mr Hire Nutgrove) we got in a mini-digger to clear the sod and dig out the trench to go around the poly tunnel. The activity has generated a good bit of interest on site.


Meet “Doug”

People have been very helpful and enthusiastic and I think seeing something happen creates a momentum of its own. It certainly creates a commitment to keep going; it can’t be left like this…

Which leads to the next phase, the Poly tunnel is due to arrive this week. Can’t wait to get stuck into that, will be exciting to see things being developed instead of destroyed (our lawn).

The plants donated to us have revealed themselves, many have sprung back into life and seem to be rewarding us for the TLC given to them by our ever vigilant chief waterer.

Our seedlings are hardened now and ready to be potted and planted out, so the sooner this tunnel gets up the better. A new arrival is two donated tomato plants, one of which is a black tomato; there is great excitement to see how this goes. We’ve been wondering if it will be edible or purely for decoration. We need to do some research and see if this is a new development in the tomato world or, like carrots something which was around before but forgotten about. There seems to many different types; some get mixed reviews for taste. We will have to get back to our donor for more info. It’s one of the great things about getting donations from people, as Forest Gump says, you never know what you’re going to get.