Peas are filling out nicely. Our brassicas are developing well and don’t seem to attract the pigeons as much these days. We’ve got some nice lettuce in rotation now, and there seems to be a good crop of tomatoes on the way.


Day is over


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

A rose by any other name

Some of the roses that were donated have rewarded us for the TLC we have shown them.

I saw this ad recently and never knew of the product, I must look more into it, it sounds absolutely revolting.
1962 Liquor Ad, Richard's Wild Irish Rose Wine, Elegant Woman & Man at Party Wearing Formalwear//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Update: So I did look into it and surprise, surprise it has nothing to do with Ireland or roses, wild or otherwise. Nowadays it retails at $8.99 and has developed into a variety of “flavours”.

Trátaí Dubh


So here are our emerging black tomatoes. I understood that they went black as they ripened, but you can see here that they are partially black as they emerge. The variety is Indigo Rose and they were donated by Dermot who grew them from seed at home.

A ship is safe in harbour…

.. but that’s not what ships are made for.

We went on an outing yesterday to lovely Brittas Bay and then on to Glendalough for a picnic.

We had a gorgeous day, weather was lovely and sunny with the gentlest breeze blowing in off the Irish Sea.

Some went for a swim, others had a paddle and more just lay back on the sand.

In Glendalough we had a picnic in the shade of the trees, and went for a little stroll along the shores of the upper lake. It was rounded off with a nice ice-cream cone.

All in all a real summer outing. Needless to say everyone is tired today but in ebullient form!