Our crop seems to be coming along nicely! Some are starting to ripen but the temperature in the polytunnel is dropping as low as 16C these days. I don’t know if that will have a major effect, but we’ll see.

Black tomato progress report

Here is the latest on the indigo rose front! If these are anyway edible I think the majority will be kept for seed. A target of much attention and passing interest. I am reliably informed they are fourth generation American-Irish plants. The original donor, Dermot, is still coming in to keep an eye on them, talk about a lifetime guarantee!


Jack the lad

In a very roundabout segway to the picture of one of the pumpkins we are growing, I note that the traditional orange pumpkin popular at halloween is called a jack-o-lantern in the US. There is more than you could ever want to know about pumpkins on All About Pumpkins; if you couldn’t guess!

wink tongue out

So what about the phrase “jack the lad”? The story I like most is the tale of Jack Shepard who was a thief caught five times, escaping repeatedly to commit more audacious robberies until eventually hanged at 22 years of age.



It’s a dog’s life

Meet Millie, she visits us every Monday afternoon and bring a smile to many faces when she arrives.


Millie comes in to us from Peata, and she is very popular. Millie herself has a particular fondness for Elena, who is feeding her apple slices here. Many thanks to Annette and other pet owners like her who allow their dogs bring smile therapy to the masses!